Designed for remote wells where utility power is unavailable.

“The Well Watchmen”
If you are one of the many ranchers who’s operation has been challenged through the years when it comes to livestock water production. We would like to introduce to you for your consideration a new system to help you with your water production needs. Our Livestock Watchman 1 and 2 systems from Remote Well Solutions are intelligent, propane fueled, electric generator systems designed to operate automatically on demand intended for the livestock and wildlife industry, where utility power is either inconvenient to access or just not available at all.

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The Well Watchman has ended years of expensive trials and operations:

  •   1st windmills
  •   2nd pump jacks
  •   3rd submersible pump supported by a diesel generator
  • The Well Watchman system reduced the fuel costs on a well in Lincoln county New Mexico by 60% and increased water production by 12.5 %.
 The Well Watchman will provide dependable power and controlled operation to support your water production needs. The intelligent control  system by the system controller allows this weak well to pump until a no flow situation occurs,then shuts down allowing time for the well to refill then starts back-up safely protecting both pump and generator.