Providing continuous fresh water for livestock is a constant challenge for New Mexico ranchers. Mike and Corina
Lisk of Remote Well Solutions, LLC, have developed a line of off-grid pumping systems, designed to alleviate watering
problems. Although the pumping system saved as much as 60% in fuel costs alone and had other benefits, they
found that ranchers were resistant to change. Remote Well Solutions took advantage of the NMSBA Program at New
Mexico State University’s (NMSU’s) Arrowhead Center to address their need for business-related assistance.

The NMSBA team at the Arrowhead Center assessed the systems developed by Remote Well Solutions for their
market size and demand, pricing, and competition, based on the systems’ technical comparative advantages. Remote
Well Solutions’ products are fully automated, off-grid pumping systems that utilize a propane generator with an
intelligent control to sense water levels, automatically turning on and off as needed. The systems’ capacity to respond
automatically allows ranchers to reduce costs related to time, fuel, water, and maintenance.

Based on the information received from the Arrowhead Center, Lisk is currently working on expanding the markets
for these pumping systems, including oil wells and Forest Service campgrounds. Remote Well Solutions was recently
chosen as a sole-source pumping system provider for the Forest Service in New Mexico and Forest Service campgrounds
in Arizona. Arrowhead Center’s assistance has also allowed Lisk to engage with an investor from the oil field industry.
Lisk estimated that new market opportunities will result in 12 to 20 direct new jobs, with the potential for more jobs
as the business expands.